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New Indian Pursuit with PowerPlus Engine for 2022

Indian Motorcycle is preparing to launch a new touring model for 2022 powered by the same liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine introduced on the Challenger. The new model will be called the Pursuit and will be offered in Limited and Dark Horse variants, with an optional Premium Package.

We first broke the news when Indian filed a trademark application for the name Pursuit last year. The name was filed alongside another trademark application for “Guardian.” At the time, we mused that the Pursuit may use the 1768cc PowerPlus engine. We can now confirm this is the case, thanks to Vehicle Identification Number data Indian submitted to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Indian Challenger PowerPlus engine

The VIN document confirms the Pursuit’s PowerPlus engine, with the same claimed 122hp output as the Challenger, as well as the Dark Horse and Limited versions (there is no “base” model Pursuit listed). The document doesn’t, however, explain how the Pursuit will differ from the Challenger.

We do have an idea, thanks to patent filings from Indian that show a motorcycle with the PowerPlus engine and a fork mounted fairing, a tall windscreen and fairing lowers. Absent any other evidence, we can assume the model in the diagrams is the Pursuit. The illustrations don’t show any luggage, it’s a safe guess that the Pursuit will have panniers at the very least.

The fairing, fuel tank, seat and fenders shown in the illustration are rather plain, but that’s likely because they aren’t that vital to the patent itself (the patent mainly deals with the air intake system which is similar to the Challenger’s). The one illustration showing the back of the fairing shows an instrument cluster similar to the one used on the Chieftain and Roadmaster models. The windscreen however is much taller than the screens on any current Indian with a batwing fairing.

Indian typically reveals its model lineup in September, but the timing seems to have changed this year, likely due to a combination of the pandemic and ongoing supply chain issues. Indian launched its revamped Chief lineup in February, but we haven’t heard much else about 2022 models to this point.

The VIN document also confirms that the Indian Challenger will have new Elite and Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition versions for 2022. The Chieftain Elite is also listed but it appears there will not be a Roadmaster Elite for 2022.

Indian submitted a new VIN decoder to NHTSA listing its 2022 touring models.

Indian is already teasing a new Jack Daniel’s model on its website, with a ticker counting down to Oct. 15. The 2022 Challenger Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition will likely be announced then, but it’s unclear when Indian will announce the Challenger Elite or the new Pursuit models.

As always, will have the latest information on these new 2022 Indian models as it becomes available.

Indian Challenger PowerPlus engine

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