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BMW Scrambler Full Timelapse Build (K1100)

Tag 🔖 in your ride related post ...... can't wait to see new post with tag from you 😍 Thx 🛵 and ride safe 🤗 This video is a compilation of all the work we did to breathe new life into this 1993 BMW K1100 and convert it into a scrambler. List of parts used in this project is down below. Thanks for watching! Cost, Parts and Sound Video here: Visit our store: Please consider becoming our Patreon and get exclusive access Patreon: Esta filmagem é uma compilação de todo o trabalho feito para dar vida nova a est 1993 BMW K1100 e convertê-la em um scrambler/bobber. Obrigado por assistir! Leave your comments down below! → Instagram: Visit our store: Instagram: Instagram: List of parts used in this project: SEAT HOOP $38 SEAT $212 FRONT BRAKE HOSE 07-CBR60RR $22 had one laying around at the shop. HANDLEBAR $22 IGNITION SWITCH $18 GRIPS $13 CLUTCH LEVER $80 FROM EBAY MIRRORS $29 INSTRUMENT CLUSTER GAUGE $37 HEADLIGHT LED $37 (LINK ERRADO APARECE HEADLIGTH QUANDO ABRE) FORK OIL $16 AIR FILTER $35 OIL FILTER $20 FUEL PUMP $70 ENGINE OIL $28 DIFFERENTIAL OIL $12 BATTERY $54 TAIL LIGHT $10 FOOTPEG BRACKET $45 EBAY PLASTIC CONTAINER BOX $8 WALMART container of your choice PAINT MATERIALS $100 HEAT PAINT $32 CLEAR MATTE PAINT $32 FRONT TIRE $89 REAR TIRE $115 SUSPENSION SEAL $18