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Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers for Your Ride

Motorcycle carriers that mount to your vehicle’s hitch can prove to be incredibly convenient for all manner of reasons. The biggest reason being that it will allow you to carry a motorcycle with a vehicle that could not otherwise. Maybe you’re not willing to give up the convenience of your SUV just to haul a motorcycle now and then, or maybe you just like the idea of being able to stow the carrier when you’re not using it. Maybe you hate trucks?

There is a wide range of hitch-mounted carriers on the market. You’ll want to make sure you’re buying one that is well-made, especially if you plan on putting a street bike’s worth of heft on it. You’ll also want to be sure your vehicle can withstand the weight of the carrier and motorcycle. Even the two-wheeler you plan to use it for should be considered. For example, scooters have a serious rear weight bias. If you get a carrier only rated for the weight of your scooter, and most of that weight is being held on one side, you’re gonna have a bad time. With all things considered, let’s take a look at the best goldang motorcycle hitch carriers available today.

1. Editor's Pick: Joe Hauler Deluxe Cam-Loc carrier

I’ve had a Joe Hauler Cam-Loc Heavy-Duty carrier in my garage for many years now. There was a time when I had only owned motorcycles for nine years. The last streetbike I bought (a 2015 Aprilia Tuono V4R) was brought home on that carrier, and it has since been used for hauling a dirtbike with the fam in an SUV on many desert trips. Now that I splurged and finally bought a truck, it doesn’t get used as often, but I still find fairly frequent circumstances that necessitate keeping it around. 

The Joe Hauler carriers are some of the strongest and solidly built carriers I’ve seen on the market. The all-welded steel construction hints at the carrier’s stout build. Also, included is a ramp which can be secured during use and bolted to the carrier when you’re on the road. There’s nothing to bolt together once it’s received. Joe Hauler makes a variety of carriers from single and double carriers designed for dirtbikes, to super heavy-duty products able to withstand “any size motorcycle” not limited to “full-dress” cruisers, Gold Wings, etc. The Joe Hauler carriers will fit any Class III two-inch receiver, are powder coated black, and come with a three year warranty. The Joe Haulers themselves go up in weight as their weight ratings increase (as to be expected), and due to the welded construction, require truck freight to ship. There’s a reason Joe Hauler is the brand I keep in my own garage.

2. Black Widow Steel Motorcycle Carrier

Made of heavy duty steel, the Black Widow Deluxe carrier is rated to transport motorcycles weighing up to 500 pounds. The aluminum track is bolted to the steel frame and features a seven-position adjustable wheel chock for a variety of motorcycle lengths, tie down points, and a 45.5-inch loading ramp. The Black Widow carrier will fit any Class III and IV two-inch hitch receiver. A reverse anti-tilt locking bracket is also included to reduce wobble. The track itself measures 75.75 inches long by 6.88 inches wide, meaning it should accommodate most normal tires sizes (sorry, no fat tire cruisers). To top it off, the Black Widow Deluxe hitch carrier comes with a one year warranty.

3. MotoTote Steel Motorcycle Carrier

Manufactured from heavy-duty steel, this MotoTote carrier is rated to 450 el bees and fits rear tires up to six inches in width and front tires up to four and three-quarters inches. The MotoTote carrier will work with any Class III and IV two-inch receiver. A removable loading ramp and adjustable wheel chock are included. The track length is 70-inches by four and three-quarters, with a claimed weight of 58 pounds. And, according to the picture above, it doesn’t need tie downs to secure your motorcycle! Just kidding. Tie down points are also included.

4. Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier

Black Widow makes all sorts of motorcycle moving products – and that includes more than one type of hitch carrier. Not all of us need to carry 400-plus pound motorcycles on the back of our daily driver. For those folks, the Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle carrier slots in as a lighter, cheaper option that is still rated up to 400 pounds. This carrier will fit any Class III and IV 2-inch receiver. Made from high-strength aluminum, this carrier is about half the weight of its steel counterparts, at a claimed 36.5 pounds. The track itself measures 75.25 inches with a width of 5.5 inches. Also included is an aluminum 47-inch ramp for easy loading. The ramp attaches to the carrier itself when not in use. Like the other Black Widow ramp on this list, the aluminum one also includes an AWD (anti-wobbling device).


What to consider when choosing motorcycle hitch carriers?

There are a few things to consider when trying to find the right motorcycle hitch carrier for your application. First, you should consider the weight and type of motorcycle you plan to carry to ensure the carrier itself can handle the weight and size. You should also check the tongue weight capacity of the vehicle you plan on using the hitch carrier with. Just because the carrier is rated to 1,000 lbs, doesn’t necessarily mean your vehicle can handle the same amount.

What types of motorcycle hitch carriers are there?

Motorcycle hitch carriers are all fairly similar in design but can differ in weight limits and build quality. The products we’ve included above are a good sampling of what is available on the market currently.

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